Golub Capital Establishes its Institutional Advisory Board

NEW YORK, April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Golub Capital recently established an Institutional Investor Advisory Board and is pleased to announce its five founding board members: Vernon W. Gollihugh, Robert S. Leggett, William P. Miller, Kurt N. Schacht and Jeffrey A. Sharpe.  These Board members are acknowledged leaders in investment, risk management and industry best practices. The Golub Capital Institutional Investor Advisory Board provides Golub Capital's senior management with insight on how best to serve large, sophisticated institutions.

About Golub Capital

Golub Capital is a nationally recognized credit asset manager with an award-winning middle market lending business. Golub Capital manages $8 billion in capital for institutional investors and family offices, offering tailored solutions for investors' credit asset strategies. Today, the firm has over 150 employees with principal offices in Chicago and New York. Golub Capital has three business lines that are highly complementary to one another: Middle Market Lending, Broadly Syndicated Loans and Opportunistic Credit. For more information, please visit www.golubcapital.com.

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